Teodora Shek Brnardić, PhD

She was born 1971 in Zagreb, where she graduated BA in classics (1994) and MA in history (1999) at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University in Zagreb. After that, she completed her PhD Studies at the History Department of the Central European University in Budapest, having defended her PhD dissertation „The Enlightened Officer at Work: the Educational Projects of Count Francis Joseph Kinsky (1739-1805“ in 2004. During her studies Dr Shek Brnardić specialised in the Enlightenment period and won research fellowships in Graz, Vienna, Göttingen, Edinburgh, Prague and Budapest. In order to broaden her professional skills, she attended many workshops including the Medieval Workshop in Dubrovnik, digital humanities workshop in the Hague and a few project management workshops and courses. She was research fellow on several national and international projects: Croats in Vienna (1790-1918) (Austrian Federal Ministry of Science); Croatian Latin Historiography (Croatian Institute of History), Nikola Škrlec Lomnički (1729-1799) (The Faculty of Law in Zagreb), The Military Border: Sources and Studies (Croatian Institute of History); The Intellectual History of Patriotism in East-Central Europe in the Early-Modern Period (Central European University), and currently she is the national task manager at the Horizon 2020 project Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries. Since 1994 she has been employed at the Croatian Institute of History (currently in the position of a senior scientific associate), and also taught several courses mostly related with the early modern Latin language at the Croatian Studies in Zagreb, at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University in Zagreb. Dr Shek Brnardić wrote the monograph The World of Baltazar Adam Krčelić: Education between the Tridentine Catholicism and Catholic Enlightenment (2009) and published many articles in the Croatian, German and English language in Croatian and foreign journals. Here research interests are intellectual history and cultural transfers in the Enlightenment period. She is regularly giving lectures and papers related to the Enlightenment period at conferences, congresses and workshops in Croatia and abroad.

Within the project, she will examine intellectual and cultural history of the transfer of various ideas, especially that of Enlightenment in the periphery (in Croatia) as a European phenomenon. She will investigate Napoleon’s cultural imperialism and the formation of political culture in Croatian lands and (West-) European influences on the creation of a modern administration in Croatia.


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