The first scientific colloquium in the series “Models and Experiences of Intellectual Transfer in the Period of (Proto)modernization” was held on Monday, 8th of April 2019, in the ‘Golden Hall’ of the Croatian Institute of History. This presents the initial phase of conducting seven scientific colloquia within the project European Origins of Modern Croatia: Transfer of Ideas on Political and Cultural Field in 18th and 19th Centuries (EuKor: HRZZ, IP-2018-01-2539).

An introductory word was given by the director of the Croatian Institute of History, while the project manager, Vlasta Švoger, presented the project team, objectives and expected results of the EuKor project, and Branko Ostajmer moderated the colloquium.

The first speaker was Veronika Eszik, who presented her research on the Late Nineteenth-Century Anti-modernisms in East-Central Europe. In the discussion that followed, the concept of anti-modernities was elaborated and presented with further possibilities for its application in research.

Jewish Students as Agents of Zionismus in Last Decades of the Habsburg Monarchy was the title of Dieter Hecht’s presentation, in which he analysed the importance of Zionist idea among the Jewish students at the University of Vienna. In the discussion which unfolded, special focus was given to peripheral cases of student culture, which proved to be if importance for the Croatian case.